Project Management and Digital Marketing for the Creative entrepreneur

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Byte Bodega is boutique project management and digital marketing firm dedicated to helping small business owners develop the systems they need to automate and strategically run their business.

We know how hard you work to put all your love and care into your business every day. But we also know how it can become overwhelming quickly when you start to scale, and that’s where we come in.

We are your business partner ready for action, so that you can gain back the precious hours of your workday to get your focus back on the heart of your business. 


At Byte Bodega, we are dedicated to helping heart-centered entrepreneurs grow their business through the power of processes, systems, and operations management. When we become your business management team, you gain the powerful support you need to continue to grow and become the CEO you’re destined to be.

Gain Exposure

Attract the attention of your target audience and build your following

Free Up Time

Gain back the hours in your workday to focus on the heart & soul of your business

Creative & Fresh Ideas

Secure a project partner to offer constructive feedback when you need it or to create new processes as you grow over time

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

“Hiring Chynna was the best business investment I’ve made all year.”

Working with Chynna has been a game-changer for my business! Her organization skills and foresight keep my business running more smoothly than it ever has and it’s like she’s taken a weight off of my shoulders. I truly couldn’t imagine my day-to-day without her support! Hiring Chynna was the best business investment I’ve made all year. 🙂”

– Carley Schweet, Self Care Coach + Author


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